Motorcycle Adventurist’s

Our lives are shaped by defining moments – short encounters that can instantly change the path we are walking. We had one of these moments Christmas Day 2014 while in the remote community of Villa Amengual, in the back and beyond of Chile. As we rode our BMW motorcycle into this remote village on Christmas Day, entertaining the idea of finding a restaurant or cafe open so we could devour a Christmas dinner of turkey and all the goodies that go with it, haha… As we rode down the only 2 streets in this tiny community we saw a front door open with a happy sign in the front yard…the sign was printed in their native language, we assumed it was a cafe. We walked over the threshold to find a beautiful family of 3 generations – they invited us in and insisted on feeding us. As you can imagine there was a language barrier…we settled on toast and jam, it was very delicious and was no bother to the Chilean lady of the house. We laughed and watched a little of the movie Finding Nemo with a little boy that had gotten the DVD for Christmas and probably the only present he got that day. Let me say this kid was a content happy child that wanted for nothing. The nearest store was approx 100 miles away on a gravel (unpaved) road. Such a precious moment and we were totally humbled by this family. That family changed our lives forever. Since that day which seems like a lifetime ago, we plan on sharing more of these moments as we will be taking school supplies and some much-needed items to these kind communities, as much as we can fit on a motorcycle. We will work these trips in and around our working lives. We have chosen to start to make our dreams a reality, live them out the best we can, rather than tuck them away somewhere so they remain just that, dreams. We are currently in the planning stages of traveling around the world on one or maybe two motorcycles. If we go on two motorcycles we can carry more supplies .